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K-9/ EOD Integration

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Identify potential threats and key components critical for determining response procedures. Attendees will participate in classroom lecture, practical labs designed to enhance how IEDs function and practical exercises focusing on the identification of an array of IEDs, their components and triggering mechanisms.

The ability of K9 and EOD First Responders to have a working knowledge of explosives and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) is critical to the homeland security within the United States. For K9 and EOD, integrated capabilities and increased situational awareness for the recognition of IEDs, their components, precursors and manufacturing equipment is essential for the safety of hostages, innocent civilians and First Responders.

Attendees Will:
  • Receive instruction on energetic materials, terminology, forms of energy release, classification of explosives and the stimuli to which they respond.
  • Receive instruction on types of explosives and their methods of initiation.
  • Receive instruction on recognition of IEDs and Booby-traps.
  • Receive instruction for the understanding of homemade explosives (HME), their precursors and equipment utilized for manufacturing.
  • Receive instruction regarding blast pathology.
  • Participate in IED labs to better understand how IEDs are manufactured and operate.
  • HME odor imprinting for K9 Teams
  • Participate in practical exercises designed to expand knowledge of recognizing explosive threats, components and triggering mechanisms; including K9 and EOD integrated exercises.

Upon Completion:
  • Graduates will possess a working knowledge of varying types of explosives, their classifications and methods of initiation.
  • Graduates will possess the working knowledge to identify basic IEDs and their essential components.
  • Graduates will possess a working knowledge of booby-traps and methodology of their use.
  • Graduates will have a working knowledge of readily available precursors necessary for manufacturing HME, their hazards and common equipment used for producing HME.
  • K9 exposure to current threat odors.
  • Graduates will leave with course reference materials certificate.

Maximum Number of Students: 12
Course Availability: Military and sworn Law Enforcement K9 Teams, Special Operations and Tactical Officers
Course Duration: 2 days (16 hours)
Course Prerequisites: K9 Teams must possess current certification to conduct Law Enforcement Operations

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