The RAPTR (Remote Aerial Platform/Tactical Reconnaissance), UAV utilizes manual and autonomous flight modes for video surveillance. Aerial video surveillance from the RAPTR provides operators with time critical information around a target area before and during an assault, enhancing overall situational awareness and ultimately preventing loss of life.

*DDTC ITAR Controlled

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  • Rapid deployment
  • Ease of operation
  • Automated takeoff/landing
  • Fully autonomous flight
  • Electronic tethering
  • Dual controls
  • Advanced ground station control
  • Gyro stabilized pan/tilt/zoom camera gimbals
  • COTS-camera compatibility
  • Lost communication fail safe options
  • Complete training packages
  • Choice of maintenance agreements

In This Kit

  • One: RAPTR Helicopter fully assembled, upgraded servos and motors, direct drive tail shaft, heavy duty Titanium control links, extended tail boom and full carbon fiber airframe. Electric panel, LCD, SD memory card and one (1) set carbon fiber 830mm main blades and matching tail blades.
  • One: Integrated autopilot compatible with optional ground station or hand-held flight control transmitter. Features multiple GPS waypoint navigation, auto takeoff/landing and auto return. Also features programmable min/max altitudes, configurable lost communication landing plans and other advanced features.
  • One: Integrated GPS upgraded LP1, LP2 and Glosnas with antennae.
  • One: 2.4 GHz spread spectrum Transmitter/Receiver