K-9 / EOD Integration Training

Increased threats of domestic terrorism, civil unrest, and high risk operations that require the combination of the specialized capabilities of K-9 and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) are becoming more and more frequent. This frequency is driving the current requirement to integrate tactical team training in order to shift from the traditional paradigm of segregated operations to that of a cohesive tactical response capability.

Tactical Electronics’ K-9 / EOD Integration Training highlights the synergistic affect such integration makes to a tactical team’s capabilities. The ability of K-9 and EOD First Responders to have a working knowledge of explosives and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) is critical to security within the United States. For K-9 and EOD, integrated capabilities and increased situational awareness regarding the recognition of IEDs, their components, precursors and manufacturing equipment is essential for the safety of hostages, innocent civilians, and First Responders. Attendees will participate in classroom lecture regarding each element’s capabilities and area of expertise, and practical labs regarding the construction of simple IEDs. Practical exercises will focus on the identification of an array of different IEDs, their components, and their triggering mechanisms. These practical exercises are designed to facilitate the reduction of the time required to identify explosive threats encountered during tactical operations. Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) have become terrorists’ low-cost weapon of choice. IEDs will continue to be a threat throughout the world and will grow in sophistication and frequency, largely due to the extensive variety of electrical options available for device design and construction.

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Military and Sworn Law Enforcement K-9 Teams, Special Operations Forces (SOF)/EOD Operators, HDS Certified Bomb Technicians, and Sworn Law Enforcement Officers

2 Days (16 hours)

K-9 Teams must possess current certification to conduct Law Enforcement Operations


  • Energetic Material Orientation & Terminology
  • Forms of Energy Release
  • Classification of Explosives & the Stimuli to which they respond
  • Types of Explosives & Methods of Initiation
  • IED & Booby-Trap Recognition
  • Homemade Explosives (HME), Precursor Chemicals, & HME Manufacturing Equipment
  • Blast Pathology
  • IED Manufacture Practical Exercise
  • HME Odor Imprinting for K-9 Teams
  • Explosive Threat Recognition & Tactical Response Practical Exercises
  • K-9 / EOD Integrated Practical Exercises