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Training Aids

Tactical Electronics designs every training aid to improve and enhance the skill set of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Operators. We custom build our training aids to mimic real world Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) with unmatched realism. The terrorist threat is in a constant state of evolution, rapidly adapting to counter the EOD Operator's tactics, techniques, and procedures. Our training aid design team constantly evaluates terrorist trends to develop some of the most authentic training aids available. Tactical Electronics training aids will equip the EOD Operator with the critical analytical processes and skills to counter the most effective weapon used against our forces.


BOOBY TRAPS: Tactical Electronics Booby Trap training aids will test and tune an operator's ability to recognize and address concealed anti personnel, area denial, or assassination device hazards.

CBR: Tactical Electronics Chemical / Biological / Radiological training aids focus on several threats unique to the CBR mission. Operators will be faced with the complexities of diagnosing electric valves, pressure vessels, actuation motors, and dispersal ports while wearing protective equipment.

DEVICE KITS: Our IED Kits are thoughtfully planned deployable IED labs, ideal for training on the go or in down time on deployments.

DOMESTIC: Tactical Electronics Domestic Threat training aids are designed to support stateside / law enforcement training. These devices are designed using "off the shelf" technology, penalties, and packaging representative of what is readily available to the domestic terrorist.

HOSTAGE: Tactical Electronics hostage devices will challenge, validate, and enhance an operator’s skills in dealing with a “Category A” situation.

IN THEATER: Tactical Electronics In Theater Threat training aids accurately represent hazards military operators face in current engagements.

VBIED: Vehicle borne IEDs represent a unique and essential training value by teaching the operator how to access the vehicle compartments in a manner least likely to cause a detonation. Our VBIED training aids are available as kits, sans vehicle, or as a complete turnkey package.

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