Tactical Electronics has been a reliable resource in providing law enforcement agencies and trend-setting military groups with the technology and training needed to excel in real-world challenges. Whether we’re designing tactical camera systems and EOD equipment, teaching multiple-levels of EOD and electronics courses, providing R&D services, or designing and manufacturing IED training aids, our ultimate goal is to protect those who protect us.

A highly unique characteristic of Tactical Electronics is the collaboration of our internal divisions: Tactical Electronics Products, Tactical Electronics Training, and Tactical Electronics Research and Development. Combining our two facilities in Broken Arrow, OK and Virginia Beach, VA with our internal divisions enables us to provide our clients the leverage they need to excel in real-world challenges.

“To preserve our world by protecting those who protect us.”

This goal is accomplished through excellence in engineering, manufacturing, and instruction. Our excellence is derived from strong relationships with our customers supported by dedicated personnel, a unique approach, and a humble attitude in a collaborative working environment.

Tactical Electronics and its employees have a commitment to understand, meet, and whenever possible, exceed our customers’ requirements through the continuous improvement of our processes. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality products and services in support of our customers and their missions and objectives.

Tactical Electronics is an end to end solution provider for all phases of product development. The ability to turn an idea into a fully functional elite tactical product entirely in house is a unique service that sets Tactical Electronics apart from the competition. By hand selecting each member of our team, our clients enjoy complete confidence knowing that the best and brightest are on the job. Our team includes:

• Mechanical Engineers
• Electrical Engineers
• Software Engineers
• CNC Programmers

Rather than segmenting team members into vertical units based on expertise, we have specifically designed a working environment that encourages interdisciplinary collaboration and includes state of the art 3D printers and CNC machines. Our team approach aggressively accelerates all stages of product development from initial concept through prototyping to machining while maximizing the value of the services our clients receive.

At Tactical Electronics we combine our internal resources with direct feedback from established Military and Law Enforcement clients to provide products and services that are specifically designed to protect those who protect us.

From our beginning in 1999, Tactical Electronics has been serving all levels of government clients and is widely regarded as the industry leader for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) instructional programs. Currently, Tactical Electronics provides the Special Operations Commands, the Department of Defense (DoD), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and State/Local Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) with an unprecedented level of technical and tactical expertise through the development and delivery of specialized training.

Tactical Electronics’ Advanced Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Disablement curriculum is consistent with current United States and United Kingdom Special Mission Unit (SMU) IED Defeat Procedures and Special Operations Forces (SOF) operating procedures. We are positioned both professionally and technically to provide the finest advanced Counter-IED/EOD training available.

Our team of instructors consists of subject matter experts and professionals from the United States DoD and United Kingdom who are intimately familiar with all aspects of EOD render safe operations. Our cadre represents more than 90 years of professional experience. Specific experience includes assignments as EOD team leaders with elite United States and United Kingdom special operations units and service with the United Kingdom’s leading anti-terrorism police unit. Members of our team have completed numerous combat tours in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Afghanistan, North Africa, and Iraq.

Additionally, our instructors have served as team leaders of foreign and domestic WMD response teams and are regarded as leading advisors on the defeat of WMD. This wealth of experience allows us to speed the delivery of credible operational knowledge and instruction to ensure our diverse set of clients complete their mission objectives and enhance their operational capabilities.

The Research & Development team at Tactical Electronics has one objective; provide unique solutions. This is why each and every product we develop begins with a clearly defined objective. Any deviation from the mission at hand wastes time and puts lives at risk. At Tactical Electronics, we never deviate and the products we design provide elite functionality.

From initial concept to finished product Tactical Electronics completes each project with unmatched efficiency and reliability. Our team includes Electrical, Mechanical, and Software Engineers as well as, state of the art 3D printers, CNC machines, and a Surface Mount Device (SMD) Pick and Place Machine. Tactical Electronics continues to provide unique solutions for the military, Law Enforcement, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, and Consumer industries.