Training Facilities

Tactical Electronics’ headquarters is located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Our Hemlock Facility provides complete on-site support for visiting units. The training complex is co-located with Tactical Electronics administrative, operational, research & development, and manufacturing facilities. A full service classroom capable of hosting 25+ attendees with complete audio / visual capabilities is available for briefings and lessons. Hemlock provides a conference room with video teleconference connectivity and an electronics lab for in-house Improvised Explosive Device (IED) fabrication.

Four divisions are located within the Hemlock Facility; Tactical Electronics Products, Tactical Electronics Training, Tactical Electronics Research and Development, and Tactical Electronics Aviation. The ability to house all four divisions under one roof has established Tactical Electronics as an industry leader with multiple internal capabilities.

Broken Arrow Remote Training Compound (BARTRAC):
BARTraC is Tactical Electronics’ field tactical training site, located near Tulsa, OK. This remote/ austere location allows for the conduct of small-scale, full mission profile training events in rural terrain.

• Enables the US DoD and Other Government Entities to Conduct Full Mission Profile Scenarios
• Highly Discrete Training Location – Rural Setting on 320 Private Acres
• Range Licensing for Explosive Operations

HEMLOCK Capabilities:
• Engineering
• Prototyping
• Manufacturing
• Production
• Research & Development
• Tactical Electronics Aviation
• Training Complex (Full Service)
• Classroom: 25+ Attendees
• Practical Training Areas
• IED Fabrication Lab
• Complete Audio/Visual Capabilities
• A Full Exercise, Work-Out, & Shower Facility (On-Site)
• High-Speed Internet Connectivity
• High-Bay Facility

Tactical Electronics’ Crusader Facility in Virginia Beach, VA manages our training programs and services.  Located just three hours from the Washington, DC metropolitan area and thirty minutes from the Norfolk International Airport, our Crusader Facility offers convenience and accessibility to east coast government, military, and law enforcement organizations.  Crusader is a 20,000 sq ft facility that houses an electronics lab for in-house IED fabrication, a classroom with audio/visual capability, and a conference room with video teleconference connectivity.  Crusader also includes a 11,600 sq ft indoor training complex containing an alarm defeat practice facility, realistic scenario mock-up rooms, student gear staging areas, and a second classroom.

Contracted Facilities:
Through our network of partner corporations, Tactical Electronics can contract for a wide array of additional training facilities to suit client requirements:

• MOUT Facilities
• Light & Heavy Demo Ranges
• Rural Environments
• Weapons Ranges
• Commercial & Industrial Venues
• Modes of Commercial Transportation

CRUSADER Capabilities:
• Training Complex
• Electronics Lab
• Alarm Defeat Practice Facility
• Staging Areas
• IED Fabrication
• Training Area: Alarm House (9000 SF)
• Training Area: Townhouses
• Training Area: Open Terrain Areas
• Conference Room: 12 Attendees
• Classroom: 20+ Attendees
• High-Speed Internet Connectivity
• A Full Exercise, Work-Out, & Shower Facility (On-Site)
• Kitchen
• High-Bay Facility
• Complete Audio/Visual Capabilities

Tactical Electronics also has remote facilities in Chattanooga, TN and the United Kingdom. The Chattanooga office was opened in 2013 to support our northeast regional sales team. The Tactical Electronics Europe office was opened in the United Kingdom in 2014, this location continues to expand our international distribution network and sales across Europe.