Handheld Monitor

The wireless Handheld Monitor from Tactical Electronics displays real-time video from up to four Tactical Electronics camera systems. The high resolution screen is 5.7 inches and self-orients when the monitor is flipped upside down. The monitor also includes 3 brightness levels and weighs only 1.4 pounds.

View the NEW CORE Monitor here.

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  • 5.7in high resolution color LCD
  • Self-orienting screen
  • Can operate with AC or DC power
  • Receives transmitted video
  • Four channel video reception
  • Video out: RCA Jack
  • Hard-wire video input option

In This Kit

  • One: Handheld Monitor
  • One: Hard Wire Cable

Wireless Video:
All Tactical Electronics cameras and monitors have been designed to operate interchangeably. If you have multiple Tactical Electronics camera systems, the monitor will toggle between a maximum of four separate camera systems.  The monitor has a built-in receiver, and when powered ON automatically receives RF video signals from the chosen camera system.