IED Training Aids

Tactical Electronics designs every IED training aid to improve and enhance the skill set of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Operators. We custom build our training aids to mimic real world Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) with unmatched realism. The terrorist threat is in a constant state of evolution, rapidly adapting to counter the EOD Operator’s tactics, techniques, and procedures. Our training aid design team constantly evaluates terrorist trends to develop some of the most authentic training aids available. Tactical Electronics training aids will equip the EOD Operator with the critical analytical processes and skills to counter the most effective weapon used against our forces.

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While some Tactical Electronics Training Aids use authentic and rudimentary electronics for realism, many others leverage our proprietary circuitry to increase training value.  Our circuitry provides tonal feedback in the event the training aid is triggered and rearms automatically, allowing the exercise to continue without further interruption.


The MicroAXE© circuitry provides arming delay for ease of setup, a triggered tone if the device functions during the exercise, and will re-arm automatically so the exercise can continue uninterrupted. In the event the device is triggered, the MicroAXE© will also provide a chirp code feedback to indicate why it functioned, enhancing the operator’s learning experience.