The JOLT Pro is a small and portable electronic device that was designed for use with Golden Engineering’s XR200, XRS-3, and XRS-4, portable x-ray sources. These sources are used by local, state, and federal Public Safety Bomb Technicians along with Explosive Ordnance Disposal technicians. Technicians use the JOLT Pro as an accessory tool in controlling the x-ray source when conducting IED radiographic diagnostics. The JOLT Pro allows technicians to customize the sequence and timing with which the x-ray source fires its pulses.

Based on feedback from EOD Operators and Bomb Technicians, we added several features that were not included in previous versions of the JOLT to enhance the operators user experience. The new features of the JOLT Pro include the ability to support 4 and 5 pin x-ray sources, a bigger screen that allows you to see all of the settings at once, internal batteries, improved menu navigation, and a “save state” feature that will remember all of your settings in the event power is lost.

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  • The JOLT Pro operates with Golden Engineering’s line of x-ray sources
  • Compatible with but not limited to the XR 200, XRS-3 and XRS-4
  • Compatible with both 4-pin and 5-pin versions of the XR200, XRS-3 and XRS-4 sources.
  • User is able to configure the particular pulse train (firing sequence)
  • Features 4 operational modes: auto safe, auto fast, pulse delay, and custom volley.
  • Auto safe and auto fast will fire the desired number of pulses in rapid succession until desired number of pulses has been completed.
  • Pulse delay will fire 1 pulse at a time with a user-defined wait period between pulses.
  • Custom volley will allow the user to partition the total number of pulses into volleys to be fired in rapid succession with a user-defined cool-down period between volleys.
  • ‘Save State’ feature remembers all settings in the event power is lost.

In This Kit

ONE: JOLT Pro: x-ray source controller
ONE: 4-pin or 5-pin connector cable
ONE: soft sided carry bag

*Additional cables may be purchased separately