Long Pole Camera System

The Long Pole Camera Search System provides wireless video surveillance and observation of subjects at significant heights and distances. The Long Pole Camera features a 20ft collapsible extension pole, a flexible neck camera head surrounded by eight IR LEDs, and an internal DVR for video recording. The rigid extension pole provides greater stability when the system is deployed. The main housing is conveniently stored inside the collapsed pole for timely stowaway.

View the NEW CORE Pole Camera here.

View the NEW CORE Pole Camera here.


  • Live wireless transmission
  • 20 ft collapsible pole
  • Light sensitive camera
  • Eight IR LEDS
  • Weighs under 4 Lbs.
  • 16 hours video recording capacity
  • Flexible neck
  • Post operation review
  • Push/turn pole connection

In This Kit

One: Black telescoping long pole
One: Pole camera transmitter
One: Black and white camera head with 8 IR LEDs
One: Color camera head
One: Monitoring option (Handheld or Wrist Mounted)
One: Soft sided carry bag
One: 16GB SD card

Optional Accessories:
Thermal Imaging Camera Kit

Black/White Camera Head
The LPSS3 B/W camera head has 420 lines of resolution with a 0.0003 lux low light performance CCD. Eight IR LEDs surround the camera lens providing enhanced viewing in low ambient light environments. The camera head is attached to a flexible neck to ensure proper viewing orientation at all times.