The Prosecutor is an active commercial alarm diagnostic tool capable of measuring voltage and current in 8 circuits simultaneously. The data generated by this device can be applied to bypass intrusion detection systems.

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  • High accuracy in-line current measurement
  • Clamshell wire piercer greatly simplifies wire management for in-line measurements
  • 16 secure connections are made in just a few cubic inches
  • Step-by-step on-screen guidance and safety checks during the connection process
  • The information displayed allows for quick and easy pairing of power and sensor wires
  • Compares all wires that are common to the sensor ground, and determines which wire is the ‘best’ ground
  • Displays all information required to calculate a successful substitution value
  • Optional Breakout Box (BOB) allows for removal of the Prosecutor brain from the Remote Wire Piercer so it can be used on another sensor (additional Remote Wire Piercer required)
  • BOB provides insertion points for bypass/substitution modules
  • Powered by CR123A 3V Lithium batteries

In This Kit

One: Prosecutor Display Unit
One: Remote Wire Piercer
Optional: Breakout Box (BOB)