Sensitive Site Exploitation Sampling Kit

The Sensitive Site Exploitation Sampling kit (SSE Sampling Kit) is a small, lightweight but rugged system built with the SOF mission in mind. The kit provides the tools necessary to conduct numerous Sensitive Site Exploitation operations in an austere environment.  Developed by operators with decades of SOF experience, this sampling system is all inclusive and organized into a small lightweight package. Two mini pelican cases are provided for you to customize your load out for each collection and also protect collected SSE material and evidence. A replenishment kit is also included, allowing you to easily restock your sampling kit on site.

The Sensitive Site Exploitation Sampling Kit provides the ability to exploit and safely sample:

  • DNA
  • Homemade Explosives (HME)
  • Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents (solid and liquid)
  • Drugs (various forms)
  • Safely remove and transport valuable electronics
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  • Provides the ability to safely sample liquids, solids, and DNA for bulk or trace evidence in an austere environment
  • Modular, small, and lightweight kit designed to fit in any bag or case
  • Small outer case doubles as a hardened and airtight container to protect evidence, sample(s) or other SSE items like electronics
  • Small outer case provides a convenient and safe method of delivering hazardous samples to a laboratory, includes labeling system to provide key information to the lab technician
  • Sensitive Site Exploitation Sampling Kit provides a way to conduct light decontamination of samples or other materials, wanted in a biological or chemical environment
  • Sensitive Site Exploitation Sampling Kit provides items needed for a hasty decontamination station, such as a boot wash, drop cloths, and decon sprayer
  • Specialized sampling containers utilize varying barrier types for collecting liquids or solids that are reactive to standard bottles or vials
  • Sampling containers are specifically made for holding liquids that are caustic or acidic
  • Anti-static bags provided for handling materials that are sensitive to static electricity
  • Cost effective collection kit with the ability to perform multiple forensic collections or SSE operations
  • Curated by operators with decades of combined US/UK SOF experience

In This Kit

  • Two mini Pelican hard cases.
  • Multiple vials and containers of various sizes for handling caustic or acidic liquids
  • Liquid extraction system with the ability to draw a liquid sample from a source that is over 10 feet below the ground or surface of a container
  • Drop cloths
  • Chemical resistant labels
  • Decon sprayer
  • Foldable buckets
  • Hype wipes
  • Various pipettes
  • Medical shears
  • Tape
  • Various sizes of anti-static bags
  • Latex gloves
  • Paper evidence collection bags