Under Door Camera PRO

The Under Door Camera Pro is a 2-camera system that provides dual camera views. The unit is equipped with forward and upward facing cameras. With the push of a button the forward and upward camera views can be wirelessly toggled, allowing operators to covertly inspect both the interior of a room and the interior side of the door. A telescoping deployment pole enables operators to quickly deploy and maneuver the unit from a position of cover. The Under Door Camera Pro features video recording and wireless video monitoring to PRO Monitors.

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  • 2 camera views (forward and upward)
  • Telescoping deployment pole (extends up to 5 feet)
  • Wireless toggle of camera views
  • Wireless video transmission
  • Light sensitive B/W cameras
  • 4 forward facing IR LEDs
  • 4 upward facing IR LEDs
  • IR LED brightness control
  • SD card recording
  • Optional hard-wire operation

In This Kit

  • One: Under Door Camera Pro (2-camera system)
  • One: Telescoping deployment pole
  • One: Handheld Monitor Pro or Wrist Mounted Monitor Pro
  • One: 16GB SD Card
  • One: Storm Case® with precision cut foam for stable storage environment
  • One: 6ft. Hard-wire cable (compatible with Handheld Monitor Pro)

Dual View Cameras:
The UDC Pro 2-Camera System contains two light sensitive B/W cameras that offer dual views of a room’s interior. The forward camera angle provides a view of a room’s interior while the upward camera angle provides view of the interior side of a door. Both cameras are housed within the insertion panel along with four directional IR LEDs and one flood IR illuminator. The IR illuminator provides 180 degrees of illumination and is designed to fully flood a 15 x 15ft room with IR light. Due to varying amounts of ambient light in tactical environments the IR illuminator features adjustable brightness control and remote toggling from the Pro Monitors.