Close Target Reconnaissance (CTR) Training Services

Tactical Electronics’ CTR Training provides familiarization and training on the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) of close target reconnaissance.  CTR training focuses on the development/refinement of TTPs to identify, assess, select, and exploit structural vulnerabilities of residential and commercial structures, and of the materials used in their construction.

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Tactical Electronics’ CTR, CMOE, and Intelligence Training Team includes some of the industry’s most experienced instructor cadre and the finest manufacturers of proprietary CMOE tools.  Our team’s proven methodologies are presented via adult learning theory.  Significant emphasis is placed on hands-on learning through small-scale practical exercises.

Tactical Electronics offers an array of customized tactical training services designed to support the unique training requirements of our specialized clients.  These services range from the provision of custom training packages to the development and execution of discreet full mission profile training events.  Our goal is to challenge the Tactical Operator to learn and apply advanced technical concepts in the classroom and apply them in realistic operational environments.