IED Electronics & Circuit Diagnostics Training

Improvised Explosive Devices have become the terrorists’ low-cost weapon of choice. IEDs will continue to be a threat throughout the world and will grow in sophistication and frequency largely due to the extensive variety of electrical options available for device design and construction.

Tactical Electronics’ IED Electronics & Circuit Diagnostics Training is designed to provide EOD Operators with a thorough understanding of electronics and diagnostic methods associated with IEDs. The focal points of this training encompass building the skills and knowledge necessary to assess IED circuitry and determine the safest method of prosecution. Attendees will participate in limited classroom study and maximum hands-on practical application that provide the skills necessary to build, diagnose, and prosecute circuits.

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Mission: To Preserve our world by protecting those who protect us

Continuing Education Credits (Tidewater Community College)
Electronics Kit
Printed Course Reference Material
Course Certificate

Military EOD Operators or HDS Certified Bomb Technicians

5 Days (40 hours)



  • Electrical Theory & Physics w/ Counter IED (C-IED) Applicability (Ohm’s Law/Kirchhoff’s Laws)
  • IED Electronic Components
  • Basic & Sophisticated Circuits
  • Resistor-Capacitor Timing Circuits (RC Circuits)
  • Practical Circuit Construction, Soldering, Breadboard Prototyping and Etching
  • Circuit Troubleshooting
  • Electro-Mechanical Devices (IED Application of DC Relays & Collapsing Circuits)
  • Circuit Analysis
  • Proper Diagnostic Procedures
  • IED Component Diagnostics (Detonator/Switch/Solenoid Diagnostics)
  • Tactics, Techniques, and Procedure (TTP) Development via Practical Exercises
    • IED Circuit Diagnostics
    • Circuit Defeat