Intelligence Training Services

Tactical Electronics’ Intelligence Training was previously offered to only two long standing clients.  Our custom-designed training provides a platform to learn, improve, challenge, or experiment with proven Intelligence TTPs successfully employed by some of the field’s true subject-matter experts during the planning and execution of successful covert intelligence operations.  Intelligence Training focuses on the practical application of advanced technical concepts in tactical exercises at off-site locations designed to emphasize an understanding of the operational environment and operational necessities to consider when selecting and executing intelligence TTPs.

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  • Capabilities & Vulnerabilities of Security Devices and Locking Mechanisms
  • Locking Mechanism Manipulation and Defeat via
    • Lock Picking
    • Mechanical Defeat
    • Key Cutting by Hand
    • Impression Method
    • Automatic Manipulation Unit
    • Covert Mechanical Defeat Tools
    • Special Purpose Built Combination Lock Manipulation Equipment
    • Other Proprietary Methods & Tools
  • Surveillance/Counter Surveillance
    • Tactical Technical Surveillance/Countermeasures
    • Surveillance Detection Planning
    • Infiltration/Exfiltration Planning
  • External & Internal Security Equipment
    • Assessment & Bypass of Security Measures
    • Active & Passive Security Sensor Mitigation
    • Circumvention & Defeat of Intrusion and Biological Detection Systems
    • Human Security Vulnerability Analysis (Defeat and/or Exploitation)
    • Active & Passive Security Defeat
    • External Security Threat/Risk Mitigation
  • CTR Planning
    • Environmental & Terrain Analysis
    • Facility Vulnerability Assessment
    • UK Based Entry Point Vulnerability & Security Assessment Methodology
    • Target Site Procedures
    • Target Clearance Techniques
    • Equipment Caches
    • Emergency Pack-Up
    • CTR Risk Assessment