K9 Cam proves worth after protracted firearms incident!

Lancashire Police leading the charge…
proposed Press Release @14th March 2012

Just two days after delivery of their new K9cam systems, supplied by Tactical Electronics Uk, the equipment has already proved its worth during a protracted firearms incident.

After months of searching and evaluation, Lancashire Police selected the K9cam by Tactical Electronics, as a replacement for their existing ‘FIDO’ analogue systems.

Sgt Nick Everett, Lancashire Police Dog Unit, said “the main benefit over the existing system is the location of the camera on the dogs back. This gives the handler a wider, more stable picture on the monitor and does not concern the dog at all.” “The onboard record facility enables us to review every deployment and to replay this footage should we lose the live image during a complex search”. He added, “any number of monitors can be added to the system enabling multiple views of the K9cam and other tactical assets.”

“Utilising the ‘POLKA’ portal”, states PC Simon Harwood, Lancashire Police Dog Instructor, “has meant that we have been able to share our successful adoption of this system with the whole Police Dog & Firearms community”. “This has further added to the collaborative approach taken by Lancashire. We are pleased Lancashire Police Dog Unit are at the forefront of developing this very effective and rugged rapid deployment system. The use of this system ensures that Lancashire has yet another proportionate and auditable ‘Less Lethal’ technology to deploy within high threat situations”.

In part due to such positive feedback from Lancashire, Devon & Cornwall Police has also adopted the system, following a demonstration of the equipment’s capabilities. Durham and Nottinghamshire Police have also just taken delivery of a number of TE Uk products. TE’s Team have been busy running demonstrations up and down the country, and anticipate some further orders shortly…

“For Tactical Electronics Uk”, says Alistair Fox, Commercial Director, “having a reference customer for each of our rugged Wireless Video products is critical to the widespread adoption of this US Special Forces-derived product range”. “Durham Firearms have agreed to act in this respect for our UnderDoor Camera, with which the US operators have seen such success when operating with the K9cam and PoleCamera systems – adding significantly to officer protection and the speed in which potential firearms incidents are brought to a satisfactory close.

“We are always looking to respond to customer feedback”. Already we have added a UK-made vest option – a fitted vest by JayJays, Brecon – which provides still further camera stability and options for tracking, fast-roping and so on. This enhancement was shown for the first time at the Counter Terror Expo, London Olympia, 25-26 April.”

UK customers can contact TE UK for purchase information: Alistair Fox, 01270 875 115

Editors Notes:
The K9cam is exclusively available Tactical Electronics Uk. The TE Uk range comprises Pole, LongPole, K9, Underdoor, Gunrail & Helmet mounted cameras- all interoperable with a range of rugged Handheld and Wrist Mounted monitors.
TE BodyWornVideo, Video Fiberscope and other specialist Tactical, EOD and MOE equipment are also available.

TE Uk is a wholly owned subsidiary of MW Power Group comprising: MW Power Systems Ltd (having 15 years experience in installing and supporting onboard generators for Police forces, Nationwide) & Microdrones Uk Ltd (being the first company to introduce microUAV into the Emergency Services back in 2007).

Alistair Fox can be contacted on 01270 875 115.
Simon Harwood can be contacted on 01772 412 412.

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