Tactical Electronics Introduces SIRE Multi Functional Robot


Tactical Electronics Introduces SIRE Multi Functional Robot

BROKEN ARROW, September 16, 2013 — Tactical Electronics will reveal a new multi-functional robot at the National Tactical Officers Association Conference, September 22-23rd, 2013 in Kansas City, MO.
The SIRE is a multi-functional wireless robot ideal for surveillance, payload delivery, and IED Render Safe Procedures. The SIRE integrates detachable wheels, a removable camera head, and weighs only 4.0 pounds. The camera head is attached to the base unit and video can be viewed wirelessly on any Tactical Electronics monitor. The SIRE is controlled by a small remote, designed for one hand operation and has a transmission distance of 1,000 feet. The unit has a runtime of 90 minutes and is recharged by AC adapter. The SIRE maneuvers over rugged terrain and reaches speeds of 2.7 mph

SIRE Applications:
• Deliver Counter Charges to Disrupt Explosive Devices
• IED Render Safe Procedures
• Payload delivery in tactical operations
• Reconnaissance
• Search & Rescue

SIRE will be sold in two, four, and single SIRE kits. Optional accessories include: camera head with internal transmitter, wireless remote, detachable all terrain rubber tires, Wrist Mounted Monitor, Handheld Monitor, Heads-Up Display, and Monocular Micro Viewer.

About Tactical Electronics:
Tactical Electronics provides wireless camera systems, IED training aids, EOD tools, and training to law enforcement and military agencies. For over a decade Tactical Electronics has been a reliable resource to lead law enforcement agencies and trend-setting military groups. Whether we are providing high-level electronics training or designing top-notch products, our goal is to deliver safety to those who protect us.

For SIRE Specs, Photos and Video please visit: http://www.tacticalelectronics.com/products/21/products/52/eod-tools/121/sire-multi-functional-robot
For more information on Tactical Electronics: http://www.tacticalelectronics.com/
Media Contact Tactical Electronics: Addie Ventris, Marketing Manager, 918-249-8326, addie@tacticalelectronics.com

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