Tactical Electronics receives Applied Research award from OCAST

Applied Research projects receive $3.6 million in awards from OCAST

The governing board of OCAST awarded 17 independently peer-reviewed Applied Research applications $3,608,810. Award winners were chosen from a field of 42 applicants.

Oklahoma research teams will use the funds to conduct research and development for a period of up to three years. A typical award is $300,000 for three years; however, awards can vary in both time and funding amounts.

OCAST administers funds through the Oklahoma Applied Research Support (OARS) program. Proximity to commercialization and good science are the primary standards used to choose the top applicants which represent a long-term effort by the state of Oklahoma to encourage technology-based economic development.

Available funds allowed support of the 17 highest ranked projects. Six other projects were deemed worthy of financial support.

Funded projects include supporting development of 3D displays, corrosion testing and amorphous metal honeycombs, diagnosis of invasive fungal disease, diabetes treatments, fighting excessive costs of drilling during fracking, nano-diamond resonators for sensing applications, development of a new version for gene-editing technology for gene therapy and biomedical research and development of all-composite storage tanks for adsorbed natural gas.

Read about Tactical Electronics project and the other award winners here: http://www.ok.gov/ocast/News_Media/Newsletter/index.html#1308-2

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