Tactical Electronics receives Department of Labor award

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Tactical Electronics receives Department of Labor award
By Leslie Metzger
Staff Writer
lesliem@baledger.com | Posted: Friday, July 20, 2012 3:21 pm

Longtime Broken Arrow company Tactical Electronics, 2200 N. Hemlock Ave., received the 2012 Entrepreneurial Excellence in Oklahoma Award from the Oklahoma Department of Labor July 20.

Oklahoma Labor Commissioner Mark Costello presented the award to company leaders at an award ceremony this morning. Costello kicked off the ceremony by discussing the Colorado movie theater shooting that left several dead and many more wounded overnight.

“When I got up in the middle of the night tonight, this morning I should say, and I heard about the tragedy in Colorado and I heard what was happening, you were the first people I thought of here in Oklahoma,” Costello said to company leaders. “It’s because I have never been to a company before who could say that their mission is to preserve our world by protecting those who protect us.”

Tactical Electronics, which started in BA 13 years ago out of a residential garage, produces and manufactures Explosive Ordnance Disposal tools, tactical equipment and wireless camera systems. They also provide training for law enforcement and military agencies.

“A lot of our wireless camera systems allow operators to see what’s behind a corner or behind a barricade without putting themselves in harm’s way,” said Addie Ventris, marketing specialist for Tactical Electronics.
Costello spoke highly of the company and their military-oriented services.

“You have created wealth. You have created jobs. You’ve protected the order. The first and primary purpose of government is to protect the public order,” Costello said during the presentation.

“I think that Tactical Electronics, as well as perhaps par excellence any company I’ve yet met in Oklahoma, meets that American exceptionalism and it will continue to do so. That is the exciting thing. This isn’t a ‘let’s get rich, let’s go to the house’ kind of company. This is ‘let’s share our dream.’”

He said the company protects the U.S. and many around the world, which is the highest order of commendation.

Tactical Electronics President Tim Thornton said the company is honored to receive the award and thanked many people, including the employees who he said were the hardest working in Oklahoma.

“I would also like to thank the great state of Oklahoma and its leadership. We are who we are today because of the efforts of, again, the chamber and leaders in Oklahoma that allow us to kind of push the envelope and do what we do,” Thornton said.

Commissioner Costello also read a presentation from Governor Mary Fallin and Senator Bill Brown.

“The governor and senator wishes you Godspeed in every success as you help pursue your dreams, which is our dreams too,” Costello said.

Broken Arrow Area Chamber of Commerce President Wes Smithwick said he is excited for Tactical Electronics.

“They embody the very spirit of the small, specialized manufacturer who are the backbone of our local economy,” Smithwick said.

“We are the third largest manufacturing cluster in the state and Tactical Electronics leads the way locally, along with a couple of others, in something very technical and highly-specialized that people around here don’t even know about.

“But yet what they’re doing are not only nationally but worldwide leaders in technology, so we are very proud of the work they do here, the products they create, their staff and [are] very excited that they won an award like this from our state government.”

For more information about Tactical Electronics, visit TacticalElectronics.com.

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