Vice President of Tactical Electronics appointed to Governors UAS Council

For Immediate Release
July 26, 2012

Vice President of Tactical Electronics appointed to Governor’s Unmanned Aerial System Council

BROKEN ARROW, July 26, 2012 —Benjamin W. Kimbro, Executive Vice President of Tactical Electronics, has been appointed by the Governor of the State of Oklahoma Mary Fallin, as a member of the Governor’s Unmanned Aerial System Council. Gov. Fallin established the UAS Advisory Council to create the best success in this arena.

As stated in the Report of the Governor’s Oklahoma Unmanned Aerial Systems Council, “Oklahoma currently has several major assets needed to grow a significant UAS industry in the state, creating high-paid and quality jobs.” The council includes individuals from the public and private sectors and is “an illustration of the coordinated response from state to the opportunities in the UAS arena.” Governor’s Secretary for Science and Technology, Stephen McKeever leads the council.

“I am very honored to have been selected for this appointment by Governor Fallin. My participation as member on the UAS Advisory Council means that I have the privilege of playing a role in implementation and execution of the strategic plan for growth of the UAS enterprise in our state,” Kimbro said. “With U.S. Defense expenditures for UAS predicted to grow from $3.9B (current) to over $5.5B in the next thirteen years I am positively thrilled to have a hand in influencing our role in this burgeoning industry. What is equally exciting is that we are out-in-front of the wave of commercial use for UAS which is expected to grow an astonishing 525% for the same period.” Mr. Kimbro is a Tulsa native and co-founder of Broken Arrow based company Tactical Electronics.

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