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New CORE Features added!


Our CORE Camera line continues to impress and enhance inspections. In the past few months we have added several new CORE features to the system that make intel gathering and data collection even easier. Take a look at the new features below and tell us what other features you would like to see added to the CORE cameras and monitor.

Snap Shot | CORE FeatureSNAPSHOT:

Record and Save a still image of your video feed using the CORE monitor.

Zoom | CORE FeatureZOOM:

Zoom into your HD video feed from the CORE monitor while using the CORE Pole, Flex or Articulating Scope.


Remove the SD card from your CORE Camera, insert into the monitor and watch the recorded video on the CORE monitor.


Easily turn off the monitors display and back-lit buttons when discretion is needed. Quickly turn the display back on by pressing any hard button on the monitor.

CORE Video App

NEW CORE Video App!

Download the new CORE Video App from the Google Play store and view video from the CORE Cameras on your Android device. The CORE Video app allows you to view live feed from any of Tactical Electronics CORE Camera Systems.  Each CORE Inspection Camera can be setup as an access point on the app, allowing you to see multiple camera views.


Tactical Electronics CORE product line improves the way you perform tactical inspections by delivering the most advanced cameras, thermal fusion technology, and unsurpassed modularity.  CORE features Wireless, High Definition, Digitally Encrypted Cameras and Monitors.

The CORE system is completely modular and allows you to attach 4 different camera necks to a CORE Grip or Pole Grip. Video from all CORE cameras is streamed wirelessly (5 GHz) to any CORE monitor over an AES encrypted channel.

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