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X-Ray Toolkit™ Operators Training

The continued proliferation and sophistication of terrorists’ use of IEDs requires EOD Operators to be prepared to render safe or disrupt IEDs in-place, regardless of the environment. When these circumstances exist, the employment of Sandia National Laboratories’ X-Ray Toolkit™ (XTK®) enables the EOD Operator to render an IED non-functional by rapidly separating or destroying its firing circuit and/or its explosive payload.

Tactical Electronics is licensed by Sandia National Laboratories to provide X-Ray Toolkit™ (XTK®) training. Tactical Electronics’ XTK® Operators Training is designed to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for an EOD Operator to effectively utilize the XTK® software
to acquire, process, and analyze X-Rays during an IED incident. Attendees will participate in classroom lectures and practical labs designed to enhance their understanding of how IEDs function and practical exercises focusing on the identification of an array of IED components and triggering mechanisms.

XTK® is a radiograph acquisition and processing program designed specifically for EOD technicians. When used in conjunction with Sandia’s targeting and aiming kits, XTK® can also be used to perform precision disruptions.



XTK® 3.0 Software (via SNL)
Printed Course Reference Material
Course Certificate

Sworn Law Enforcement and Military Personnel (as authorized by Sandia National Labs)

2 Days (16 hours) or 3 Days (24 hours)

Radiography Equipment (X-Ray Generator, X-Ray Processor, Laptop Computer(s))


  • X-Ray Hazards & Theory
  • X-Ray Equipment
  • X-Ray Media
  • Radiography Techniques
  • XTK® Software Orientation
  • X-Ray Planning with Dose Calculator
  • IED Components & Key Component Positioning
  • Precision Aim Fundamentals & Grid Aiming Concept
  • Precision Disruption Live-Fire Practical Exercises **

** Optionally, Tactical Electronics can include Precision Disruption Live-Fire Practical Exercises and employment of the Grid Aim System.

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