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Training Facilities

Hemlock Facility
Crusader Facility


Tactical Electronics is pleased to introduce our training complex, The RANCH. Located 30 minutes outside of Ardmore, Oklahoma, The RANCH offers several amenities for small or large training groups. Easily access the facility by car or by plane, utilizing Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) or Oklahoma City (OKC) . Our goal is to ensure we provide you with the very best training and tools to complete your mission. Contact us today to discuss your custom training requirements. We hope to see you at The Ranch very soon.

The facility features over 10,000 acres of usable training space, onsite lodging, classrooms, known distance ranges, unknown distance ranges, explosive ranges, armory services, explosive storage capabilities. The on-site skills house is over 1,500 sq ft. and modular in design, allowing
custom configuration for your specific training requirements.

Our modular container village / MOUT training sites are configurable to meet a mission set requirement, capable of supporting live fire / live explosives / breaching / Simunition / role players / small unit tactics and full mission profile support.

· Over 10,000 acres
· Live explosives up to 250lbs NEW as standard (higher with specific planning)
· ATF Type 20 Explosives License & Magazines on site
· On-site Lodging with full kitchen, facilities, & common areas
· Classroom with Wi-Fi & multiple planning spaces
· Known Distance Shooting Range [20 meters out to 800 meters]
· Unknown Distance Shooting out to 1 Mile
· Configurable Shoot House for CQC, Hostage Rescue, & assault support
· 1,200 sq. ft. high bay for gear / shipment storage
· Demolitions preparation area
· Missions planning spaces / classrooms
· Facility for Precursor & Chemical Storage
· Weapons Storage Facility / Sensitive Equipment Storage


RANCH Flyer    RANCH Video

HEMLOCK Facility:

Tactical Electronics’ headquarters is located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Multiple divisions are located within the Hemlock Facility; Tactical Electronics’ Products, Tactical Electronics’ Training, Tactical Electronics’ Research and Development, and Tactical Electronics’ Engineering. The ability to house all these divisions under one roof has established Tactical Electronics as an industry leader with multiple internal capabilities.

Our internal R&D team includes Electrical, Mechanical, and Software Engineers along with 3D printers and CNC machines. These internal assets allow us to provide military and law enforcement agencies with rapid prototyping and product development.

The Training Complex at Hemlock provides complete on-site support for visiting units. Our facility provides a full-service classroom for briefings or instruction, an electronics lab for IED fabrication, and a secure internal training area for exercises which may demonstrate sensitive procedures.

Our IED Fabrication Lab provides complete on-site support for visiting units. We custom build our training aids to mimic real world IEDs with unmatched realism. Our training aid design team constantly evaluates terrorist trends to develop some of the most authentic training aids available.

Our internal R&D team includes Electrical, Mechanical, and Software Engineers along with 3D printers, CNC machines, as well as MIL-STD-capable test equipment including a Temperature / Humidity Chamber and Electrostatic Discharge Table. These internal assets allow us to provide military and law enforcement agencies with rapid prototyping and product development.

All products are machined and assembled at our Hemlock Facility. The machine shop includes the most advanced CNC Machines. Our team of machinists have over 100 years of combined experience in both CNC and manual machines in a diverse set of materials.

HEMLOCK Capabilities
· Engineering
· Prototyping
· Manufacturing
· Production
· Research & Development
· CNC Machines
· 3D Printers
· IED Fabrication Lab
· Training Complex (Full Service)
· Type 02 Explosive Magazine
· Type 07 (02 SOT) FFL
· Type 20 FEL
· Type 10 Federal Firearms License – Manufacturer of Destructive Devices
· Armory
· Classroom: 25+ Attendees
· Complete Audio / Visual Capabilities
· Practical Training Areas

CRUSADER Facility:

Tactical Electronics’ Crusader Facility in Virginia Beach, VA manages our training programs and services. Located just three hours from the Washington, DC metropolitan area and thirty minutes from the Norfolk International Airport, our Crusader Facility offers convenience and accessibility to east coast government, military, and law enforcement organizations. Crusader is a 20,000 sq. ft. facility that houses an electronics lab for in-house IED fabrication, a classroom with audio/ visual capability, and a conference room with video teleconference connectivity. Crusader also includes an 11,600 sq. ft. indoor training complex containing an alarm defeat practice facility, realistic scenario mock-up rooms, student gear staging areas, and a second classroom.

Our instructors bring a wealth of experiences; allowing us to ensure our clients complete their objectives. Our training programs include a balance of classroom instruction, realistic scenarios, hands-on experiences, and practical events that increase Operators’ skills.

Crusader provides a 5,800 sq ft indoor alarm defeat practice facility. This complex also houses 5,000 additional square feet for realistic scenario mock-up environments, multi-purpose training areas, and student gear staging areas.

Tactical Electronics maintains the ability to offer visiting units access to multiple off-site training facilities. We specialize in providing standard and unique training environments to meet each client’s training objective.

Through our network of partner corporations, Tactical Electronics can contract for a wide array of additional training facilities to suit client requirements:
· MOUT Facilities
· Light & Heavy Demo Ranges
· Rural Environments
· Weapons Ranges
· Commercial & Industrial Venues
· Modes of Commercial Transportation

CRUSADER Capabilities
· Training Complex
· Electronics Lab
· Alarm Defeat Practice Facility
· Staging Areas
· IED Fabrication
· Training Area: Alarm House (9,000 sq. ft.)
· Training Area: Townhouses
· Training Area: Open Terrain Areas
· Conference Room: 12 Attendees
· Classroom: 20+ Attendees
· High-Speed Internet Connectivity
· A Full Exercise & Work-Out (On-Site)
· Shower Facility (On-Site)
· Kitchen
· High-Bay Facility
· Complete Audio / Visual Capabilities
· Type 07 (02 SOT) FFL
· Type 20 FEL
· Type 02 Explosives Magazine
· Explosive Range (Off-Site)

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