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Tactical Bomb Technician Training

In modern tactical enforcement operations, Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) have become a known and persistent threat. A Tactical Team’s success is reliant on the ability of its Tactical Bomb Technician to rapidly mitigate booby-trap and IED threats that impede its ability to maneuver.

Tactical Electronics’ Tactical Bomb Technician Training focuses solely on the Tactical Bomb Technician. Training prepares Tactical Bomb Technicians to operate in high-risk environments and improves their abilities to assess, then respond to IEDs that threaten tactical success. Training addresses the priorities, principles, practical skill sets, and thought methodologies that allow the Tactical Bomb Technician to rapidly mitigate and reduce the IED threat while maintaining the highest level of team and public safety. Tactical Bomb Technician Training provides a venue for the development of specialized skills, and covert/ dynamic mitigation and/ or render safe tactics techniques and procedures (TTPs) derived directly from our cadre’s operational experiences with US/ UK Counter Terrorism units. Attendees will participate in classroom study, practical exercises, and situational training exercises (STXs) intended to reinforce operational
principles, enhance specialized skill sets, exercise operational planning for tactical operations, and maintain the momentum of a tactical team.

As an ATF Type 20 FEL and ATF Type 07 FFL (02 SOT) holder for the manufacture of explosives and firearms, we are certified at the Federal, State, and Local Level for the manufacture and storage of explosives and firearms. Our Virginia and Oklahoma training locations also hold
explosives / firearms inventory and maintain range facilities to support in depth course delivery. We possess a comprehensive armory for customer usage including SBR / Suppressed weapons systems, blue bolt / Simunition capability, OPFOR weapons, non-conventional weapons, long range precision firearms, breaching shotguns, and full armory service.


Printed Course Reference Material
Course Certificate

Military EOD Operators and HDS Certified Bomb Technicians

5 Days (40 hours)



  • Threat Assessment & Mission Planning
  • Equipment Preparation, Prioritization & Load-Out
  • Suicide/ PBIED Response
  • IED Component Diagnostics
  • Integrating with the Assault Force
  • “Tactical Scene Handover” to Follow on EOD Asset
  • Immediate Actions:
    • Covert Mitigation/ Render Safe TTPs
    • Dynamic Mitigation/ Render Safe TTPs
  • Category ‘A’ Incidents & Hostage Handling
  • Category ‘A’ Incidents & Hostage Handling
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