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Dioplex™ is an aluminum-bodied linear-cutting charge used to cut steel plate or structural components and concrete which contains rebar.   Used by the military and in the demolition industry around the world, Dioplex is a powerful explosive cutting tool.  Dioplex charges are assembled from pre-formed lengths of extruded aluminum, with a copper liner factory fitted and sealed in place.  Charges can be cut to the desired length or used as provided and filled with plastic explosive by the user. The end-caps provided fit firmly onto the ends of the charge cases containing the explosive.

WATCH VIDEO: Dioplex: Explosive Linear Cutting Charge


Dioplex charges may be used for severing mild steel up to 80mm thick (3.15in) when using plastic explosive. Twice this thickness may be severed using opposing pairs of charges.  The relative efficiency greatly reduces the amount of explosive needed. It is advised to carry out a test firing on any steel target material whose properties are not precisely known.

Description Part No. NSN Contents
Dioplex 40mm Mk.5 (1m length) DX5401 1377-99-737-3175 1 x 1m Charge, 6 x Endcaps, 3 x End-initiators, 1 x Clip-on Booster, 2 x 1m Velcro (hook)
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