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TE5 Monitor

The TE5 Monitor receives AES Encrypted wireless and/or hardwired video from any CORE, SWIFT, or SYNC Camera System and displays the video on a 5.0 inch LCD. While streaming video, operators can remotely toggle between multiple camera views and enable, disable, or adjust the camera’s LED intensity. A removable NVG IR filter provides covert NVG viewing by blocking visible light from the LCD. Video on the display can still be seen using NVGs without giving away the user’s position. The TE5 Monitor features backlit push buttons for critical, real-time controls and a capacitive touch screen for pairing multiple cameras. An optional hardwire cable connection is available for RF-restricted environments. Attach the TE5 Monitor to your wrist with our secure Velcro strap or use as a handheld monitor.

The TE5 Monitor is available equipped with a cellular option that provides unlimited range for streaming real-time operational video. An internal cellular modem enables the TE5 Monitor to receive AES Encrypted video directly from the camera and immediately stream the real-time feed over a cellular network for remote monitoring on the TE LINK video dashboard (telink.tacticalelectronics.com). Regardless of location, TE LINK subscribers can login from any internet-connected desktop, tablet, or mobile device to remotely monitor multiple live video feeds from operators in the field. Transmission distance is no obstacle when a cellular enabled TE5 Monitor is in operation with a Tactical Electronics Camera System.

The TE5 Monitor is equipped with a Tactical Accessory Port (TAP). The TAP is a ruggedized, friction-locking, military-style connector that provides USB 2.0, 100Mbps Ethernet connectivity, and 12VDC power input. The TAP receives hardwired video from the camera source and forwards the video stream onto IP-based MANET radios and other tactical radio networks for mesh-based long-range range video streaming.


DISPLAY: 5.0 inch IPS LCD with touchscreen

CELLULAR OPTION: real-time video with unlimited range


HARDWIRE: Hardwire for RF-restricted environments

TOGGLE: Remote toggle between camera views


NVG FILTER: Allows for covert viewing of LCD

MOUNTING: Wrist mounted or handheld

ENCRYPTED: AES encrypted Wi-Fi video stream

EXTERNAL POWER: Connect 12VDC power source

WIRELESS VIDEO: 5GHz real-time Wi-Fi video monitoring

UNLIMITED RANGE: Live video streaming via cellular connectivity

ADJUSTABLE LEDS: Remote intensity control of camera’s LEDs

REAL-TIME VIDEO: View live video directly from the paired camera

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