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Tactical Marksmanship Training Services

Tactical Electronics offers a broad array of customized Tactical Marksmanship Training Programs designed to support the unique training requirements of our specialized clients. These services are designed to meet mission specific needs for already trained, experienced and mission focused groups. All packages are fully customized specifically designed to meet a client’s organizational marksmanship training or certification requirements. We deliberately DO NOT offer canned / prepacked courses.

Tactical Electronics’ Tactical Marksmanship Training Programs are designed to provide a mechanism to expand upon current abilities and improve on how to effectively balance speed and accuracy with proper weapon manipulation, adding mission specific skills and operationally
proven techniques. Our instructors instill weapons confidence by challenging the client to develop, improve and apply proper weapon fundamentals, sound tactical weapons employment on a flat range, and apply them in realistic operational environments and Situational Training Exercises (STXs) to match specific unit mission sets. Training environments include flat range, dynamic environments, vehicles (static and mobile) explosive distractions, force on force, CQC, as well as combining breaching / EOD / role players as needed to meet a mission statement.

As an ATF Type 20 FEL and ATF Type 07 FFL (02 SOT) holder for the manufacture of explosives and firearms we are certified at the Federal, State, and Local Level for the manufacture and storage of explosives and firearms. Our Virginia and Oklahoma training locations also hold
explosive / firearms inventory and maintain range facilities to support in depth course delivery. We possess a comprehensive armory for customer usage including SBR / Suppressed weapons systems, blue bolt / Simunition capability, OPFOR weapons, non-conventional weapons, long range precision firearms, breaching shotguns and full armory service.



  • NRA Concealed Carry
  • High Risk Concealed Carry
  • Tactical Pistol
  • Tactical Carbine
  • Tactical Shotgun


Tactical Electronics’ Marksmanship Training Team includes experienced and certified instructors with National Rifle Association, Federal Law Enforcement, Local Law Enforcement, DoD, US Special Operations, and UK Special Operations backgrounds. Collectively, our instructor cadre brings 130+ years of tactical marksmanship training experience. Our team’s proven marksmanship training methodologies are presented via adult learning theory. Significant emphasis is placed on hands-on learning through short duration, task oriented practical exercises.

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