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Alford Disruptors


AlphaMod™ is a compact, lightweight and low NEQ powerful assault IED disruptor, which incorporates high-performance water shaped charge technology.

Intended for rapid manual deployment by dismounted and assaulting EOD units, it can – if required – also be deployed by ROV singularly or as a multiple array for various target IEDs.

The low NEQ enables the disruptor to be used in confined spaces without creating significant overpressure.

Weighing less than 0.25kg (0.55lb) when loaded, the charge gives the equivalent disruption to medium and large-sized cartridge-driven Disruptors. AlphaMod uses patented technology to produce a blade-like jet of water using sheet explosive or detonating cord as the propellant and water as the projectile. The tool is provided empty and is loaded with explosive by the user.


AlphaMod can be deployed quickly by simply placing near the target. However, in cases where the target is in a hard-to-reach location, there is a MOD Charge Mount, which allows various methods of emplacement, such as magnet, tripod, screw, and Breacher’s Tape.

Deployable by hand or by ROV, a single module is capable of disrupting a small wooden, plastic or metal box. The AlphaMod has proved highly effective at rendering safe small to medium-sized IEDs.  It can be configured as a directional shaped charge disruptor or as a general omnidirectional water disruptor.  It is also capable of being used as an access tool to explosively open vehicle trunks/boots and as a simple Explosive Method of Entry into buildings.

Description Part No. NSN Contents
AlphaMod ALM1001 1377-99-503-4722 1 x charge
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