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High Voltage Fireset Training (HV)

Extremists and Extremist Groups are continually in search of ways to deliver ever-more sophisticated and powerful weapons of mass effect. This unfortunate fact requires the development and delivery of increasingly complex, mission-specific training for specialized US Government clients.

Tactical Electronics’ Introduction to High Voltage Fireset Training was specifically developed to satisfy the unique training requirements of such specialized organizations. Our training describes in detail the elements required by a High Voltage (HV) Fireset and the associated risks and safety concerns when dealing with potentially lethal energy levels. Emphasis is put on the ability to identify the type, possible origin, and energy levels of HV Firesets through visual inspection and radiography. Attendees will become familiar with the principles of operation, design, construction, and the identification of key components and vulnerabilities of commercial and amateur/ non-conventional HV Firesets. Practical exercises include the manufacture of functional HV Firesets with commercially available off-the-shelf items.


Electronics Kit
Printed Course Reference Material
Course Certificate

Military EOD Operators or HDS Certified Bomb Technicians
(16 Hours)

Select US Military EOD Operators & US Government Bomb Technicians
(40 Hours)s

2 Days (16 Hours) or
5 Days (40 hours)



  • High Voltage Concepts & Theory of Operation
  • High Voltage Safety
  • High Voltage Fireset Description, Function & Operational Characteristics
  • Power Supply Types, Energy Storage Devices, HV Switches & Triggering Circuits
  • Recognition of Fireset Components
  • X-Ray Interpretation of HV Firesets
  • Fireset Construction & Testing
  • Fireset Analysis TTPs & Quick Detection of Live Circuits **
  • Identification of the Possible Origin, Design, & Functionality of HV Firesets **
  • Construction of Non-Conventional Fireset Components **
    • High Voltage Switches
    • High Voltage Connectors
    • High Voltage DC-DC Power Supplies
  • Fireset Response Times **

** Denotes Topics Addressed in 5 Day Training Program


Tactical Electronics’ Introduction to High Voltage Fireset Training staff includes Dr. Glen McDuff. Dr. McDuff is one of the most recognized subject matter experts in the field and serves as an adjunct staff member of Los Alamos National Laboratory. He is responsible for the revitalization/ revision of the curriculum at the Joint Nuclear Explosive Training Facility (Atomic Weapons School) with emphasis on nuclear terrorism and counter proliferation.

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