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Legacy EOD Kits

Manual Access Kit (Legacy)

Used as a standalone kit or as part of the 2nd Line EOD Tool Kit, the Manual Access Kit is outfitted with the tools necessary to stabilize and access devices in order to perform render safe procedures. The kit includes Tactical Electronics 6’ trip wire probe providing the operator immediate response when a trip wire is encountered, during slow methodical or dynamic searches. Additionally, the Manual Access Kit includes the Tactical Electronics black out cloth; this lightweight cloth reduces light influence on suspect devices or contains light during those times when light discipline is required.

  • Manually enter and neutralize an IED
  • Includes tools to stabilize and access devices
  • Includes 6′ trip wire probe
  • Bit Kit included for Milwaukee drill


Manual Access Kit contents:

  • ONE: MAK Customized Nylon Bag
  • ONE: Milwaukee 12V Drill with Charger and Extra Battery
  • THREE: Devcon 1 Minute Epoxy Gel
  • ONE: Irwin Vice Grip GV8 Groove Lock 8” Pliers
  • ONE: Fiskar Titanium Nitride 8’ Shop Snip
  • ONE: Tactical Electronics Black Tarp 5 X 5ft.
  • ONE: Milwaukee 12V Rotary Tool
  • ONE: Garrett Metal Detector
  • ONE: Jilson Shear
  • ONE: ITW Devcon Magic Bond Putty
  • TWELVE: ITW Devcon – 1:1 Mix Nozzles
  • ONE: ITW Devcon – MK5 Applicator Gun
  • ONE: 12in Titanium Pry Bar
  • ONE: Broken Screw Extractor
  • ONE: SERE 70 Light Stick Blue
  • ONE: SERE 70 Light Stick EOD
  • ONE: Non-Metallic Letter Opener
  • ONE: 7in Straight Jaw Locking Pliers
  • ONE: Wood Chisel 1/2in
  • ONE: Wood Chisel 1in
  • ONE: Selflock Snap Knife
  • THREE: Selflock Snap Knife Replacement Blades
  • ONE: Cooper Butane Powered Soldering Iron
  • ONE: Miltex Forceps – Insulated
  • SIX: 12in Alligator Clips
  • ONE: Windshield Removal Tool
  • ONE: 6ft. Trip Wire Probe


Bit Kit contents: (included with MAK)

  • ONE: Bit Kit Customized Nylon Bag
  • ONE: Bosch Step Drill Bit SDT 12
  • ONE: Bosch Step Drill Bit SDT 5
  • ONE: 3/8in Titanium Twist Drill
  • ONE: 5/32in Hex Shank Drill
  • ONE: 1/4in Titanium Twist Drill Bit
  • ONE: X-Selector bit set with slotted, phillips, torx bits and quick release holder
  • ONE: Tungsten Carbide Tipped 5/8in hole cutter
  • ONE: Saber Cut Bits ()
  • TWO: EZ Drum
  • ONE: Sanding Bands
  • TWO: EZLock Mandrel
  • TWO: EZLock 1 1/2in Diamond Wheel
  • TWO: EZLock 1 1/2in Carbide
  • ONE: EZLock 1 1/2in Reinforced Cutoff Wheel (5 pack)
  • ONE: EZLock 1 1/2in Reinforced Cutoff Wheel EZ456 (5 pack)
  • ONE: Tungsten 1in Hole Cutter
  • ONE: Rotozip Bits 1/8in (5 pack)


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