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About Training

From the Beginning

From our beginning in 1999, Tactical Electronics has been serving all levels of government clients and is widely regarded as the industry leader for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) instructional programs. Currently, Tactical Electronics provides the Special Operations Commands, the Department of Defense (DoD), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and State/Local Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) with an unprecedented level of technical and tactical expertise through the development and delivery of specialized training.

Tactical Electronics’ advanced Improvised Explosive Device (IED) disablement curriculum is consistent with current United States and United Kingdom Special Mission Unit (SMU) IED defeat procedures and Special Operations Forces (SOF) operating procedures. We are positioned both professionally and technically to provide the finest advanced Counter-IED/EOD training available.

Our team of instructors consists of subject matter experts and professionals from the United States DoD and United Kingdom who are intimately familiar with all aspects of EOD render safe operations. Our cadre represents more than 120 years of professional experience. Specific experience includes assignments as EOD team leaders with elite United States and United Kingdom special operations units. Members of our team have completed numerous combat tours in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Iraq, Kosovo, and North Africa.

Additionally, our instructors have served as team leaders of foreign and domestic WMD response teams and are regarded as leading advisors on the defeat of WMD. This wealth of experience allows us to speed the delivery of credible operational knowledge and instruction to ensure our diverse set of clients complete their mission objectives and enhance their operational capabilities.

Tactical Electronics has a special interest in providing the Operator an aggressive professional training regimen in order to succeed in the mission. We develop and deliver custom training programs specialized to meet each individual client’s requirements. These programs are designed to improve and enhance the capabilities of military and law enforcement professionals by facilitating the technical development and functional transition of the Operator into a non-linear thinker, capable of immediately assuming any position within his/her organizational element.

Tactical Electronics offers a full custom training course design, development and execution service. In today’s rapidly change threat climate, “canned” courses can only provide a certain level of operational development and improvement. Tactical Electronics provides custom training solutions to meet specific threats, training objectives or to remedy identified operational limitations. Our staff have years of experience conducting training needs analysis and developing custom solutions to meet our diverse customer’s needs.

In addition to the EOD training programs, Tactical Electronics also provides an experienced staff to support any level of training and/or exercise event. The following is a sample of support that can be provided by Tactical Electronics:

Training Device Support: Custom development, design and manufacture of training devices to meet your specific objectives. From simple IED’s and booby trap through complex CBRN training aids to clandestine laboratories Tactical Electronics can facilitate realistic training and scene setting materials. Provided along with an experienced instructor or training support specialist, Tactical Electronics can meet your training aid needs.

Role Player Support: Tactical Electronics can provide personnel to support training events and act in accordance with an assigned role. Said personnel will be prepared to, as required, improvise realistic scenario driven behavior to provide the most realistic training environment possible.

Exercise Facilitation: Provision of highly experienced and motivated personnel to aid/assist in the planning, coordination, and execution of training exercises. Said personnel will have extensive exercise planning, subject-matter expertise, client familiarity, and security clearances to support any level of training event. Tactical Electronics can provide, but not be limited to; event coordination, scripting, scenario development, logistics, role players, training devices, venue establishment/control, and after-action reviews and debriefs (where appropriate and requested).

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