The Bottler is a family of water-jacketed Omni-directional disruptors that are economical and simple to deploy. They may be used as omni- directional disruptors for thin-walled targets when placed next to suspect objects or in the cabin of vehicles and VBIEDs for disrupting suspect devices on the seat or in the foot-well.

The Bottler™ Lite charges are the low NEQ versions of the established Bottler™ family of water-jacketed, omni-directional, IED disruptors that are economical and simple to deploy. Bottler™ Lite charges use the same principle as the original Bottler™ and have the same outer envelope but have new, much reduced, charge loads. The Bottler™ and Bottler™ Lite charges comes in three sizes of bottle, 0.5L, 0.25L and 1L.

These low NEQ Bottler™ Lite charges are ideal in situations where avoiding collateral damage or large blast overpressures is essential – in buildings or ships.  While the standard Bottler™ provide a powerful result in areas where collateral damage considerations are less of a priority.

WATCH VIDEO: Alford Bottle (Half Litre) against Artillery IED

WATCH VIDEO: Alford Window Breaker, Bottler & BootBanger against Vehicle IED’s

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Like all Alford equipment, they are provided empty and are loaded with explosive and water by the user, making them ideal for overseas operations or storage and transport in EOD vehicles.

  • Less explosive is needed for a given amount of disruption
  • Less damage is done beyond the attack zone
  • Reduced probability of the disruptor causing fire
  • Any existing fires in the surrounding area are likely to be extinguished

Bottler™ charges are loaded by the operator with plastic explosive and water or salt, or a mixture of water with salt and sand.

In This Kit


Description Part No. NSN Contents
Bottler 1L Mk2 BO2001 1375-99-571-3276 1 Bottler
Bottler 0.5L Mk2 BO2002 1385-99-134-8651 1 Bottler
0.25L Mk2 BO2003 1385-99-402-2147 1 Bottler

Bottler Lite™

Bottler Lite 1L BL1003 1375-99-727-3793 1 Bottler
Bottler Lite 0.5L BL1002 1385-99-553-7923 1 Bottler
Bottler Lite 0.25L BL1001 1385-99-494-2310 1 Bottler