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EOD/Bomb TechnicianTraining Courses

Manual Neutralization Training

In certain situations, EOD Operators may encounter Improvised Explosives Devices that cannot be addressed by remote/conventional EOD means. When these situations exist, the employment of manual EOD techniques is essential in successfully accomplishing the mission. Safety, success, and survivability are greatly enhanced when the EOD Operator possesses and confidently executes these advanced Manual render safe skills.

Tactical Electronics can deliver a scalable and custom structured training program to deliver world class level Manual Render Safe Training. Manual Neutralization Techniques (MNT) training can be broken down into three major categories; Manual Defeat Training, Alarm Defeat Training, and Vehicle Defeat Training. Our MNT training provides EOD Operators the critical entry skills to conduct manual render safe procedures on a device that cannot be remotely resolved using the most relevant and technically proficient techniques to defeat devices that fall into the “Category A” or Novel Payload description.

Attendees will familiarize themselves with IED Threat Assessment, radiography, hostage handling, and the manual access tools and diagnostic techniques required to safely access and prosecute “Category A” IEDs in any given environment or situation. Attendees will participate in classroom study and practical exercises teaching proper tool selection, techniques, and discipline against
a variety of materials and threats.

Advanced Neutralization Techniques Training provides Operators a working knowledge of the operation, installation, diagnostics, and the prosecution/bypass of intrusion detection systems. Attendees will participate in classroom study, work on table-top IED training aids, intrusion detection system training aids, and participate in a multitude of practical exercises specifically developed to refine the EOD Operators’ render safe TTPs for intrusion detection systems.

Tactical Electronics’ Vehicle Access & Alarm Defeat Training highlights the threats and risks associated with the prosecution of suspect VBIEDs and provides a venue for the development of render safe procedures unique to VBIEDs. Tactical Electronics’ knowledge of vehicle electrical and security systems is unsurpassed in the industry.


XTK™ 3.0 Software (provided to authorized users by Sandia National Laboratories)
Printed Course Reference Material
Course Certificate

Military EOD Operators or HDS Certified Bomb Technicians

5 Days (40 hours)

Possession of manual neutralization and diagnostics tool kits is desirable Tactical Electronics can advise and provide equipment to suit this capability.


  • Manual Techniques Philosophy
  • UK Based IED Threat Assessment
  • IED Stabilization Techniques
  • EOD Tool Selection & Employment Considerations
  • Circuit, Switch & Detonator Diagnostics
  • “Category A” IEDs and Hostage Handling
  • Advanced Radiography Techniques & Interpretation:
    • X-Ray Hazards & Theory
    • X-Ray Equipment
    • X-Ray Media
    • Radiography Techniques – XTK™ **


  • Residential Alarm Systems & Sensors
  • Commercial Alarm Systems & Sensors
  • Nonconventional use of Alarm Systems in IEDs
  • Identification, Evaluation, & Sensor Prosecution TTPs
  • Commercial Alarms & Sensor Defeat TTPs (Complex IEDs)


  • Vehicle Security Systems & Sensor Types, Sensor Capabilities & Vulnerabilities
  • Vehicle Security Systems & Vehicle Security System Installation Procedures
  • Integration of Vehicle Security Systems into VBIEDs
  • Vehicle Access Methodologies
  • VBIED Stabilization and Exploitation
  • “Category A” VBIED Render Safe TTPs
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