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EOD Tool Kits

2nd Line Elite

An improvement on Tactical Electronics’ original 2nd Line EOD Tool Kit, or “2Line” as it has come to be known after more than a decade in service, the 2nd Line Elite EOD Tool Kit (2Line Elite) continues to provide EOD and Bomb Technicians with the tools necessary to execute EOD and render safe procedures. This newly curated collection of updated immediate action, remote in-extremis, lightweight manual and power access tools, and electronic diagnostic equipment, offers operators a modular and portable system customizable for all types of downrange mounted or dismounted scenarios.

The 2nd Line Elite builds on the legacy of our original 2Line while increasing overall functionality in a lighter weight and more streamlined pack designed for on-the-go missions with modularity and target specific requirements in mind.


Designed by EOD Experts:

Leveraging over 200 years of combined experience as EOD team leaders with elite US and UK special operations units, our Training Instructors designed and developed the most complete, compact, and efficient EOD tool kit available.

Six Kits in One:

The 2nd Line Elite includes six individually populated tool kits, providing operators with a modular array of EOD tools to perform full spectrum EOD operations including: 1st Line render safe, manual access, detonator + switch diagnostics, and manual entry.

Modular Design:

Streamlined for on-the-go missions, custom nylon cases & tool compartments allow operators to quickly arrange the loadout.

Elite EOD Tool Kit:

Hand-selected tools specifically chosen for electronic diagnostics, analog intrusion systems defeat, & render safe procedures.

  • Complete kit to equip EOD and Bomb Technicians with all tools needed to render safe procedures
  • Comprised of 6 individual custom nylon tool kits
  • All kits fit into one pack with extra room for additional supplies

The 2nd Line Elite includes six individually populated tool sets: A 1st Line v2 (1Line v2), Manual Access Kit v2 (MAK v2), Power Access Kit v2 (PAK v2), DET Diagnostic Kit v2 (DDK v2), Accessories Kit, and a new kit called the Rapid Action Kit (RAK). The RAK replaces the legacy RIP kit and Immediate Action Pouch to expand the functionalities of both into a single kit meant to be worn outside of the backpack or on the individual for quick access to an array of tools for many types of 1st Line render safe operations.

The 2nd Line Elite contains the following kits:

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