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SWIFT Cameras

SWIFT Pole Camera

The SWIFT Pole Camera is a compact, quick to deploy camera that provides low light and thermal video at an extended reach. The SWIFT Pole Camera is available in two sizes: 1.0 meter extended and 1.75 meter extended.

Two separate image sensors are contained within the camera head: a visible 640×480 CMOS image sensor with excellent low-light sensitivity (16V/lux-sec) that is bolstered by on-board 950nm Infrared illumination, and a FLIR Long-Wave Infrared (LWIR) sensor with 160×120 resolution. Video from these two sensors provides two distinct views for the operator: a color low-light view and a white-hot thermal view.

Video is displayed in dual-view on the attached 4.0 inch LCD Monitor, located on the SWIFT Pole Camera’s handle. The telescoping carbon fiber pole can be deployed in seconds, without the need to twist or lockdown sections. Each pole collapses down to 13 inches (1.0 meter version) and 18 inches (1.75 meter version). The integrated hook at the end of the pole allows you to easily extend and collapse the pole with one hand.

The system includes a Tactical Accessory Port (TAP) providing both USB and Ethernet connectivity for video streaming support, and an optional 5GHz WiFi radio with global regulatory approval. The SWIFT Pole Camera is size, weight, and power optimized. The SWIFT Pole camera is powered by only two CR123 batteries and has a runtime of 60 minutes. Both versions weigh under 2 pounds. All SWIFT products offer Stand-By Mode to help preserve battery life and provide a quick return to video within 10 seconds.

The SWIFT Pole Cameras are ideal for soldiers who require a solution that is compact, lightweight and can be rapidly deployed.

  • 640 x 480 color CMOS color image sensor with 16V/lux-sec low-light sensitivity
  • High-brightness, covert 950nm infrared illuminators for covert low-light viewing
  • High-brightness white illuminators to aid the operator’s vision
  • 160 x 120 FLIR LWIR thermal image sensor for no-light viewing
  • Extended reach of over 3 feet and collapsed length of 13 inches, including monitor and camera head
  • Integrated 4″ LCD with 80-degree viewing angle in all directions
  • Pole deploys and collapses in 1 second with one-handed operation; no collars to twist or levers to flip
  • Optional 5GHz WiFi allows streaming to ATAK, TE View Android App, or other TE Monitors
  • USB and Ethernet ports to support video streaming to ATAK and/or MANET radios
  • Removable Night-Vision Filter for 4″ display to provide light discipline and covert monitor viewing
  • SWIFT Pole Camera
  • NVG Filter
  • 32GB MicroSD Card
  • Small Hard Case
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