Tactical Electronics featured in FORTUNE as Great Rated Best Place to Work

From FORTUNE.com:
“Recognition at this defense contractor boosts employee morale. Workers can nominate colleagues as “employee of the month,” a title that comes with prizes like personalized bobble-head dolls and eligibility to be considered for “employee of the year,” the winner of which receives a paid vacation for two to anywhere. Each year during the company’s “April foolishness week,” workers compete in scavenger hunts, prank wars, spelling bees, trampoline dodgeball and other activities, to win a paid lunch at a restaurant of the team’s choosing, too. In addition to the company paying for 95% of employees’ health care premiums (and 75% for dependents), its office is stocked with games. Says one engineer: “TE has the reputation of treating all employees like family.”

Read the Great Rated Review here: http://us.greatrated.com/tactical-electronics

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