15 Signs You’re an EOD Operator

We had some of our favorite EOD Operators compile a list of 15 signs that you may be able to relate to. Let us know which ones you agree with and what we left off of the list.

  1. You think 5.11 pants are cool and wear Tan Cerakote or Multicam Oakleys sunglasses even when not deployed.
  2. Every pair of Salomon and Asolo shoes and boots you own were issued through supply.
  3. You never have a bad hair day, even when deployed.
  4. You grow a beard in combat to “blend in” but still wear Multicam and ride in a Big Tan HMMWV.
  5. You wear a “crab” (EOD Badge) on your Suunto watch band.
  6. You have a “Fun Meter” patch Velcro’d on your body armor.
  7. You tell everyone you are with “SOCOM” even though SOCOM has no clue who you are!
  8. You call yourself “SpecOps”, but contrary to popular belief NAVSCOLEOD was the furthest thing from “Selection”.
  9. You’re the one running towards the car bomb everyone else is running away from.
  10. You always have a knife/Gerber/Leatherman (or all 3!) to hand 24/7.
  11. You ruin movies for anyone else watching it.
  12. You don’t think being drunk has a negative effect on your work.
  13. You call blowing stuff up “stress relief”.
  14. You never get anyone in a bar to believe what you do for a living.
  15. You might be called: Down Range, Double Crimping, Anti Magnetic, Non-Ferrous, half Animal Man Killers, The Last of the Ballroom Dancers, Bare Knuckle Fighters, Fancy Dressers, Motorcycle Riders, Sports Car Driver, and all around Good Guy…Active Nudist.

EOD Operator Signs

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