NTOA Member Tested and Approved

What is the Member Tested and Recommended Program?

This program allows manufacturers to have their products tested in the field by the law enforcement community. Results are published on our website and in our quarterly journal, The Tactical Edge. Products receiving a rating of 3.0 or higher will receive NTOA Field Tester Recommended Status and be allowed to affix the NTOA Member Tested & Recommended Logo to the product materials. Products that score lower then 3.0 will not receive approval. Read more…

Pole Camera Search System:

Tactical Electronics
Wireless Pole Camera PCSS1
Overall Score: 4.88
Tested by a police officer from Pennsylvania
Design 5
Performance 5
Ease of Use 4
Size 5
Quality 5
Durability 5
Storage 5
Versatility 5
Convenience 4.5
Application 5
Comfort 5
Accuracy 5
Cleaning & Maintenance 5
Individual Score 4.88
My team recently had the opportunity to test Tactical Electronics’ PCSS-1 Wireless Pole Camera. Being
able to utilize this high tech piece of equipment helped us to expand upon our training scenarios, and
gave our members the opportunity to conduct additional tactics in close quarters situations.
Overall, I found this system extremely convenient to transport and easy to assemble. Every operator was
able to successfully and quickly assemble and operate the camera. It’s peripheral and expanded vision
capabilities allowed for a clear view around corners and obstacles, and the wireless wrist monitor was
large enough to clearly see all facets of the areas that we pointed the camera towards. Having a wireless
monitor also made it easier to maneuver with the rest of our gear, unlike those that I have tried with
wires that get tangled and impede the ability to effectively react to situations that may arise.
The infrared vision capabilities also came in handy for night operations where the camera was virtually
invisible to the naked eye in complete darkness. The picture that was returned through the monitor was
still very clear and detailed, even though everything else around us was pitch black.
Although we have not yet had the opportunity to test this piece of equipment in a real threat situation, I
am confident that it will be a great asset in responding to many of the types of scenarios that my team
deals with in a regular basis. I am really, genuinely impressed with this camera and its capabilities, and
feel that including this added equipment to our team’s inventory will help to move us to a new level of
tactical presence in our area.


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