Tactical Electronics sponsors Urban Shield

Learn More about URBAN SHIELD 2014!

Tactical Electronics is proud to sponsor Urban Shield in Alameda County, California, September 4-8th. Stop by booth #3005 during the vendor show (September 4th & 5th) to see the Tactical Electronics technology that will be available for use in the scenarios.


Since its inception in 2007, Urban Shield has continued to grow as a comprehensive full-scale regional preparedness exercise. Beginning September 4, 2014, an even larger Urban Shield exercise will once again test the overall Bay Area UASI Region‘s response capabilities related to multi-discipline planning, policies, procedures, organization, equipment and training. Urban Shield will test regional integrated systems for prevention, protection, response and recovery in our high-threat, high-density urban area. The 48-hour exercise will evaluate our existing level of preparedness and capabilities, identifying not only what we do well, but areas that may be in need of improvement. An After-Action Report will be generated to assist in prioritizing upcoming expenditures in order for the region to become more prepared for any type of critical event.

The overarching goal of Urban Shield is to provide a multi-layered training exercise to enhance the skills and abilities of regional first responders, as well as those responsible for coordinating and managing large scale events. This exercise is designed to identify and stretch regional resources to their limits, while expanding regional collaboration and building positive relationships. In addition, this exercise provides increased local business and critical infrastructure collaboration. Urban Shield will challenge the skills, knowledge and abilities of all who participate. It will improve regional disaster response capabilities and provide a platform for first responders to work efficiently and effectively together.

Tactical Electronics will provide Training Aids and Wireless Camera systems for use in 5 different scenarios during the 48-hour exercise. Monday evening during the awards banquet Tactical Electronics will provide prizes for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place EOD teams. First place will receive a 2nd Line EOD Tool Kit, Second Place- Four 1st Line Tool Kits, and Third Place- Four RIP Kits. A raffle for a free Training Course with TE will also be held during the vendor show.


  1. Alameda County Sheriff’s Office
  2. Alameda Police Department
  3. Berkeley Police Department
  4. CDRC
  5. California Highway Patrol
  6. Central County Regional SWAT
  7. Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff
  8. Daily City Police Department
  9. East Bay Regional Parks District Police Department
  10. East County Tactical Team
  11. Fremont Police Department
  12. Hayward Police Department
  13. Marin County Sheriff’s Office
  14. Newark Police Department
  15. North Central Regional SWAT Team
  16. Oakland Police Department
  17. Philadelphia Police Department SWAT Unit
  18. Pittsburg Police Department
  19. Redwood City Police Department
  20. Richmond Police Department SWAT Team
  21. Sacramento Police Department
  22. San Francisco Police Department
  23. San Francisco Sheriff’s Department
  24. San Jose Police Department
  25. San Leandro Police Department
  26. San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office
  27. Santa Clara County Sheriff’s ER Team
  28. Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department
  29. Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety
  30. Travis County Sheriff’s Department
  31. UC Berkeley Police Department
  32. Union City Police Department
  33. United States Marine Corps
  34. Korea Coast Guard Sea Special Attack Team
  35. Singapore Special Tactics And Rescue (STAR) Unit
  1. Alameda City Fire Department
  2. Alameda County Fire Department
  3. Central County Fire Department
  4. Livermore/Pleasanton Fire Department
  5. Monterey Fire Department
  6. Napa County Interagency
  7. Oakland Fire Department
  8. Richmond Fire Department
  9. San Jose Fire Department
  10. San Ramon Valley Fire Department
  11. Santa Clara City Fire Department
  12. Santa Clara County Fire Department
  13. South San Francisco Fire Department
  14. Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety
  15. United States ARMY Idaho


  1. Brazil CORE
  2. Monterey County Sheriff’s Office
  3. Riverside County Sheriff’s Department
  4. Sacramento Area EOD
  5. San Francisco Police Department
  6. St. Paul/Minnesota Regional Fire Department
  7. UC Berkeley Police Department
  8. United States ARMY 759th Ordinance
  9. United States Marine Corps
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